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Summer time means it’s time to play Gettin’ Piggy With It! Earn cash for AC repairs Indianapolis. Earn some Howaldo (that’s dough to use for Howald products and service) . Play Gettin’ Piggy with It—our new online social media game! Our focus is how to spare that piggy bank by saving money on your household […]

  However you want to look at it, buying an air conditioner is a tough job. Homeowners often know what they want … it’s simple, they say, “I want to be cool when it’s hot.” If their AC is broken down, they do not want to wait until tomorrow morning. I hear you, “Me want […]

Ok. Time to be honest. I’m a relationship guy. Anyone who knows me knows that’s no mystery in my HVAC Indianapolis business. I love it when customers call me up and ask for Larry. Yep that’s me. I love feeling connected to my customers. I love knowing who you are and what you want. And […]