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Summer time means it’s time to play Gettin’ Piggy With It! Earn cash for AC repairs Indianapolis. Earn some Howaldo (that’s dough to use for Howald products and service) . Play Gettin’ Piggy with It—our new online social media game! Our focus is how to spare that piggy bank by saving money on your household […]

  However you want to look at it, buying an air conditioner is a tough job. Homeowners often know what they want … it’s simple, they say, “I want to be cool when it’s hot.” If their AC is broken down, they do not want to wait until tomorrow morning. I hear you, “Me want […]

Ok. Time to be honest. I’m a relationship guy. Anyone who knows me knows that’s no mystery in my HVAC Indianapolis business. I love it when customers call me up and ask for Larry. Yep that’s me. I love feeling connected to my customers. I love knowing who you are and what you want. And […]

Did you know air conditioners don’t make cold air? That’s right, your air conditioner (soon to be humming away this summer) does not make cold air. Instead it takes heat of the air. It’s a simple principle that was developed way back in 1902 by Willis Haviland Carrier (yep, that’s the founding father of our […]

AHHHH… tax day 2014. Who wants to even think about spending money if you have to pay Uncle Sam. On the other hand, maybe your getting a nice refund. Either way–if you need a new air conditioner this season, spend wisely by researching and understanding the purchase. Don’t let an AC salesman talk you into […]

It’s cold and we’re busy with HVAC repairs and maintenance in Indianapolis. We like that! And we love some of the recent comments we’ve gotten via Angie’s List from our loyal HVAC Indianapolis customers. Keep ‘em coming! This Indianapolis homeowner lives in a 1906 built house. We made a visit in September for a second […]

  I’ve been in the furnace and AC business for decades. That means I have some great memories of how things were. Years ago Honeywell cornered the market with their thermostats. They called it the “round one.” It was in more homes than any other thermostat in the world. As a matter of fact if […]

  By Larry Howald Spring has finally arrived after a long, bitter winter. If your household is in need of a new air conditioner remember bigger is not better. I always prepare myself and my techs for typical consumer questions and comments when this investment is being researched by a home owner. A common request […]

Yep it’s hot! Like go outside and come back it stinky, sweaty, hot kinda hot… and that’s not always good hot, right? Our Indianapolis air conditioning repair and maintenance team visits a lot of homes in central Indiana and hears a lot of banter from homeowners about the heat and the lack of rain. Some […]

  Ok, it’s really hot outside. You’ve got the air conditioner running strong and you want to help it do its job. Mi Casa Es Su Casa Let that old A/C understand you’re in this together. Here are some ideas to gain mutual understanding. Turn the furnace fan to “ON” to stop hot and cold […]