Attic Insulation

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Howald Heating, Air Conditioning and Plumbing now provides homeowners attic insulation installation. We use AttiCat, an Owens Corning product.

  • Insulating attics can cut heating and cooling bills by up to 20%.
  • Up to 40% of a home’s conditioned air can escape through the attic.

Many HVAC systems are located in attics, making access to the installation easy for our team. AttiCat loosefill insulation is installed using an Insulation Blowing Machine. There’s no laying out batts or rolls that can give you splinters. Instead AttiCat is fluffy and soft and creates tiny air pockets when its installed to give the material its insulating power.

Ask a technician for an installation estimate.

Save now on attic insulation. Visit our web page with great offers for Indianapolis area homeowners.

A proud partner of Owens Corning.

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