The woolly worm and AttiCat installation

According to The Old Farmer’s Almanac the woolly worm can forecast the coming winter weather. This is the legend: The Woolly Bear caterpillar has 13 distinct segments of either rusty brown or black. The wider the rusty brown sections (or the more brown segments there are), the milder the coming winter will be. The more black there is, the more severe the winter.Wooley Worm Howald Heating and Air

Bunk? I don’t know. It’s sure fun to think about though.

Here’s what science says. La Nina is coming and it’s going to be wet and cold. Sounds miserable. Only 120 days til March!

Whether you depend on the worm or science—is your house ready?

I often talk about why homeowners should tune up their furnace seasonally to keep the ol’ gal humming along during hot summer days and cold winter nights. Another great idea for homeowners is to be sure the house has appropriate attic insulation. Whether you’re a DIY’er or you want a bit of help from a company like ours, the benefits are the same—better energy efficiency.

We use AttiCat for installation, an Owens Corning product that’s blown into the attic space.

  • Insulating attics can cut heating and cooling bills by up to 20%.
  • Up to 40% of a home’s conditioned air can escape through the attic.

Thinking it’s a good idea for your household—call us and we’ll get the AttiCat installation process started.