Cool Cents Update for Homeowners


Our Indianapolis HVAC company occasionally gets phone calls from customers (especially when it gets hot) because their AC system is turning off by itself. Well, no not really. What we’ve discovered is that these homeowners are saving some dollars. They signed up for IPL’s Cool Cents. Here’s a link to some information via WTHR’s website.

By signing up for the program, these Indianapolis homeowners allow IPL place a box on their meter that is designed to read power usage. IPL says it allows them to use power plants more efficiently, so they give homeowners a discount each month on their bills. Nice perk!

Keep in mind, the box also lets IPL “cycle” a homeowners power usage, which means they can control the power and turn off the AC.

We’ve had several calls from homeowners who signed up for this program years ago and completely forgot. Their system shuts down and they’re calling for AC repairs. Keep in mind, our techs cannot remove the IPL devices. If your AC shuts down, check outside on your meter. If you see the box with two lights on it (one of them is red) IPL Cool Cents is in control. Either keep on saving or call IPL to have it removed.

Stay Cool!

Larry Howald