Howald HVAC-Family Owned & Operated; Happy Holidays from our family to yours

Maybe you know—or didn’t know—Howald Heating, Air Conditioning and Plumbing, an Indianapolis HVAC and Plumbing company, is family owned and operated.

I’ve always worked in a family owned company. I don’t know anything different. My dad co-founded Broad Ripple Heating and Air Conditioning in the 1960s. I rode in his truck and helped around the store. Working with family can be tough…or it can be a real joy.

Flash forward four decades. I am a lucky guy!

At today’s Howald HVAC&P, it’s the greatest! I work with my daughters, Mary and Hayley, my son-in-law, Dan (Mary’s husband) and my sister Linda. You may wonder with all of those family members, how do we make it work? We had a heart to heart talk and came to an understanding that if we had a disagreement among ourselves, we would take it outside or to a closed office. Sometimes we just need to wait until morning…usually by that time we all forgot what we wanted to discuss anyway. The true joy in coming to work each day–I see my kids everyday along with my grandchildren from time to time.

Having a family owned and operated business also works well for our customers. If they know they are dealing with a Howald, they know they are in good hands. They have a direct connection to me.

Our entire company culture is a family feel. Our whole group from admin support to techs to sales professionals is made to feel like family. They know they can talk to me anytime and I’ll do my best to be a good listener with some free advice if needed.

So as we kick off the holiday season this week—happy holidays from our Howald family to your family.


Larry Howald