Dirty ducts? Call us!

Dirty Ducts? Let’s talk!
Typically dust, dirt and stubborn stuff stuck in your home’s duct work doesn’t just lay there ready to get out of your house. It holds onto the duct work. That icky stuff makes your home its home.

Don’t just try to suck out the dust and dirt. Brush it off and get it out.
Our Howald Indianapolis duct cleaning team uses Rotobrush technology to clean each individual vent. The brush pulls the gunk off the sides of the duct work and then sucks it out.

Can’t you smell the fresh air in your house already? Don’t imagine it, do it!.
Call now to set your appointment. We’ll get you a fair price when we see the size of your house, age of the duct work and where all those vents are hiding around the house.

Ready to Rotobrush? We are!
The day of your cleaning we’ll use our Rotobrush cleaner. The machine is about 2-by-3 feet tall and wide with a 30-foot hose that’s topped off with a brush. The machine is moved around your home on a compact red cart. We will go from vent to vent brushing and sucking out all that stuff you want cleaned out.  We’re also equipped with a handy ShopVac for close-range cleaning and clean up.

What’s the benefit to you? We hope you’ll be able to check one of these boxes (and be sure to tell us how we did).

  • Cleaning and dusting less.
  • Fewer allergy-type symptoms.
  • Energy use improvements. Give that HVAC system a break.
  • A pleasant-smelling and clean home.