It’s your choice—Pick one, two or three, Comfort Fit

This week Mother Nature is showing herself. Fall is coming. That means cooler temps and probably time for the AC to turn off and heater to turn on. Is your system ready?

I am going to go a bit salesy here. I hope that’s ok. We’re doing a special right now where you get to pick 1, 2 or 3 services and get money off. One of them is Comfort Fit… and I’m going to tell you why it’s a great thing.Indianapolis HVAC Companies Pick One

Indianapolis HVAC companies typically have a customer maintenance plan where we offer to come out twice a year to check out your HVAC system. Ours is called Comfort Fit. We don’t offer it to be nosey and come look inside your house (although we do like to visit with our customers). We offer Comfort Fit because making sure your system operates in tip-top shape from season to season extends and maximizes its life.

Think of it this way. Would if you bought a car and never had it tuned up? You drove it here, there and every where. What do you think would happen? I know! It would probably breakdown at the side of the road leaving you stranded. That’s exactly what could happen to your HVAC system. It’ll be really cold and the ol’ gal will say—enough—leaving you stranded, freezing and frustrated.

That’s why we recommend our Comfort Fit agreement. We call you twice a year, set a time to look at the system, clean it up and make sure it’s working. The cost is very affordable (and we don’t try to sell you anything, unless the system needs it—a filter, for example). Here’s what we do:

  • Clean various parts of the furnace (coils and drains).
  • Monitor the systems operational features.
  • Clean or replacing filters maximizing efficiency.
  • Measure the systems amps/volts.
  • Test safety controls.

The benefits of having the system reviewed twice a year can include lower utility bills, fewer repairs, less emergencies when heating/cooling goes out suddenly and protecting your warranty if you ever need to put it into effect. Who wouldn’t want that? You’ll keep humming along. Give it a try!