It’s hot, hot, hot and I’m HAPPY!

Yep it’s hot! Like go outside and come back it stinky, sweaty, hot kinda hot… and that’s not always good hot, right?

Our Indianapolis air conditioning repair and maintenance team visits a lot of homes in central Indiana and hears a lot of banter from homeowners about the heat and the lack of rain. Some things said aren’t all bad. Others tell us some people aren’t all too happy.

Naturally those people who love a lush green lawn aren’t happy. They are helplessly watching their flowers and landscaping wilt away. Yes, it stinks.

Then there are those who have swimming pools who love the heat because they get home from work and hit the water. AHHHH. Who could complain about floating post-hard-day’s work?

Me. I’m happy with this. I feel like I’ve died and gone to heaven. These temps of 90 to 100 plus  are times we only dream about. And you know what? We may not see this again for another 25 years. (That’s where you applaud!)

“Make hay while the sun shines down,” is our new motto. Yep, we’ve been busier than a one-armed paper hanger. Top fixes in the industry this year are:

  •  Capacitors. We can’t keep them in stock. This heat really makes an air conditioner work hard, which takes its toll on capacitors.
  • Freon is always a big fix with units having small leaks. We can attempt to find the leak in the system, fix it and re-charge or if it’s older you may want to consider an upgrade on equipment.

I’m linking back over to the tips we recently offered homeowners on how to keep your AC in good working order in this heat. While we love your business, we know there are some simple things you can do in this continuous heat to keep your air conditioner humming along. Take advantage of these DIY tips and call us for the big stuff.

Stay cool! Larry