Spare a Pig this Spring

Larry HowaldNo fooling! Today—April 1, yes April Fool’s Day kicks off our spring season at Larry Howald Heating, Air Conditioning and Plumbing. It seems like a joke because Mother Nature is not being kind to us. Regardless, we’ve turned the other cheek. We’re encouraging homeowners to Spare a Pig this spring and summer. We know customers love our coupon offers. We’ve just posted our seasonal coupons for you. Go get them! We’re also sharing tips, ideas and information designed to help homeowners manage their HVAC costs. Winter wasn’t kind. We know that furnace worked hard, so spare a pig.

This phrase sounds strange—spare a pig? Yes, save money and don’t break that piggy bank open. People know I love creative marketing. Here’s the story. We all had piggy banks as kids growing up. Our parents’ (my dad’s) first attempt to show us how to budget and save money usually involved putting money into the piggy bank. Usually it would make you save more than you spent because back then getting the coins out meant you had to crack the belly or really work hard to get the cash back through the slot. You would really have to destroy your porker to get your cash out. Who wanted to do that?!

That’s how furnace and air conditioner works today. New systems are so efficient compared to the one that I grew up with back in the day.  This means if you treat them right, the money saved in utility costs can go back into the bank. Save your money… spare a pig! By buying the right system, caring for it and using simple efficient tips during the spring and summer save, save, save. You can save so much in energy dollars with a Carrier Comfort system that a whole family of Piggys may just take up residence in your home. Especially if they know you’ll be saving them for the good stuff! College tuition, remodeling your home… a motorcycle. OK maybe the wife won’t like that last idea… but you get the idea.

We’ll be sharing tips, information and ideas all summer long. We’ll also provide those saving coupons everyone loves. Just click here to get yours.

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Happy Spring (no foolin’),

Larry Howald