Tonight it’s going to get cold: is your furnace ready?

Tonight’s low is 29 degrees. At least that’s what the weatherman says. We think this time the guy is  right.  Are you ready? Is your furnace fit?

If you’re holding on to an old furnace system in your home, that’s ok. We just want to be sure it’s ready for the season. Often we can keep those old girls humming along. We promise. We’ve worked with homeowners throughout Indianapolis for years. We know household budgets are tight and we’ll provide honest advice coupled with expert service. This isn’t just some marketing gibberish. Here’s what one homeowner reported on Angie’s List last week.

I have a very old furnace. Needless to say I am very nervous every winter because I know that it is on its last leg. This winter when the heat didn’t come on I just knew it was time for a new furnace. I called for service, and as usual, the technician was on time, very professional and honest. The service guy could have told me I needed a new furnace and I would have believed him. But he was honest and said that the igniter was bad and needed replaced Thanks!