Yep, It’s hot outside.


Ok, it’s really hot outside.
You’ve got the air conditioner running strong and you want to help it do its job.

Mi Casa Es Su Casa
Let that old A/C understand you’re in this together. Here are some ideas to gain mutual understanding.

  1. Turn the furnace fan to “ON” to stop hot and cold pockets from developing. This also helps the second floor cool better and it costs less to operate the A/C.
  2. Change your air filter, even if it doesn’t look dirty.
  3. Close the blinds on the west side of the home.
  4. Be happy with 74 to 76 degrees instead of 68 to 72 degrees.
  5. With a garden hose, wash the outside coil on the air conditioner.

If you find yourself in need of a new A/C, do your research and ask questions:

  1. Check with BBB or Angie’s List for a reputable company.
  2. Make sure your sales person performs a heat gain calculation for A/C proper sizing.
  3. Look at options and ask for information on high efficiency equipment that reduces operating costs.
  4. A good warranty is important. Ask what it is.
  5. Visit the contractor’s office to be sure they’re legit.