Buying a new air conditioner tips

AHHHH… tax day 2014. Who wants to even think about spending money if you have to pay Uncle Sam. On the other hand, maybe your getting a nice refund. Either way–if you need a new air conditioner this season, spend wisely by researching and understanding the purchase. Don’t let an AC salesman talk you into buying an over sized cooling unit. Sometimes all that jargon about efficiency sounds good, but more isn’t always better.

Think about your home’s air conditioner seasonal energy efficiency needed based on:

  • the number and size of the windows
  •  the direction the room faces
  • the available shade
  • how well the room is insulated
  • how many people use the room

The top grade, top of the line unit isn’t always best for your home. Choose right based on the needs of your home’s size, your lifestyle and the factors outlined above. A heating and cooling professional can help you understand and decide the best option.