Be cool tips: AC tune ups, equipment, ideas

AC Tips

There’ve been a lot of cool dudes through the decades… Cool Hand Luke (great movie from the 60s), Joe Cool (that’s Snoopy for the younger generation) and Rapper LL Cool J (that one is for my kids). Point is, being cool is being laid-back, relaxed and stress-free. It’s what we all want this summer after…

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Furnace filters… there is a difference

furnace filter

Walk into any hardware store or HVAC shop in Indianapolis and ask for a furnace filter. You’ll quickly learn there are many options with labels touting different benefits. So what’s the difference in filters all about? And there is a difference… read on. There’s the good old 1-inch cardboard frame. These are the ones you…

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HVAC repairs: DIY or go pro?

HVAC Repairs

Google is a great invention. Among many other uses, the search engine saves homeowners hard-earned cash when they need to figure out a quick fix or research what’s wrong with something around the house. But when it comes to HVAC repairs, it’s important to understand the differences between a DIY repair versus calling in a…

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Why get an HVAC Tune Up?

HVAC tune up

Think of an HVAC tune up like getting the oil changed on your car or having your car tuned up. Keeping the engine in tip-top shape keeps you safe on the road. What goes into a tune up, you ask. Read on, and call us to schedule. Monitor refrigerant pressure Test starting capabilities Test safety…

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I just mentioned tankless…

I went out to see a customer last month, they’re some fine folks. They needed to have their tank water heater replaced. The water heater was quoted on the phone, so I didn’t get to see the job until I arrived. I met the husband, went downstairs to inspect the work and started draining the…

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Easy AC fixes

Howald Heating, Air Conditioning and Plumbing

It’s finally here—S-U-M-M-E-R! While it’s been pleasant and cooler than normal, homeowners are flipping the AC switch to stay cool on those warmer days and control indoor air quality. But what happens when you hit O-N and N-O-T-H-I-N-G happens? Don’t panic! Here are a few things to check first. If these don’t work, then panic…

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New air conditioner? Be cool

New AC

How ever you want to look at it, buying an air conditioner is a tough job. Homeowners often know what they want … it’s simple, they say, “I want to be cool when it’s hot.” If their AC is broken down, they do not want to wait until tomorrow morning. I hear you, “Me want…

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Indianapolis plumbing… Get endless hot water

Indianapolis plumbing

A hot shower can last forever with Indianapolis plumbing. That’s right, as long as you want to stand there, we can produce an unlimited supply of hot water. (Disclaimer here: We’re not responsible for wrinkled, pruned skin.). This amazing trick is done with a tankless water heater that mounts onto the wall and vents outside…

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Flush this, not that

Howald Plumbing

True story. Last week, our plumber Austin made a house call to my own daughter’s home. The toilet was clogged. And we all needed someone to blame, so we naturally assumed my own grandson (as cute as he is) tried what all kids do—send a toy down the sewer system. See the photo to the…

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Shocked at home? Maybe you need a humidifer

Howald Humidifier

Baby it’s cold outside. This is the time of year when cold temps turn to static electricity inside if a humidifier isn’t working correctly. It’s probably fun for the kids to “shock” each other, but for us adults, it means something is not quite right with our indoor air quality. Maybe you’re waking up in…

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