AC split mini: What’s it all about?

It’s summer. It’s hot. And you’re sleeping upstairs. That’s where all that hot air goes when it rises–heat rises, in AC Split Minicase you missed it. What’s do you do? Try an AC split mini unit!

The split mini is some serious business. It’s got great merit for our loyal Howald customers.

HVAC ductless split mini systems are not new.
They’ve been touted for years for many reasons:

  • They are flexible, efficient and quiet… and affordable.
  • The split mini system is great for older homes that don’t have ductwork to support a standard system. Yep, great for all of those older homes in Broad Ripple, which is home to our headquarters.
  • Have a renovation or addition? The split mini is great for homes with garages turned rec room to ensure comfy climate year round in that cool room you added to the house.
  • Some of our customers tell us their house has hot or cool spots. Don’t suffer. Think about a split mini to help even out the climate.

These systems feature an outdoor until that can accommodate up to nine indoor wall units to keep you comfy. Our partners at Carrier have a great video online. Check it out now.

Then give us a call if your thinking something like this can work for you and your family. Our team can answer any questions, come out to give you a quote and manage the install.

Larry Howald, Owner