Indianapolis plumbing… Get endless hot water

A hot shower can last forever with Indianapolis plumbing. That’s right, as long as you want to stand there, we can produce an unlimited supply of hot water. (Disclaimer here: We’re not responsible for wrinkled, pruned skin.).

This amazing trick is done with a tankless water heater that mounts onto the wall and vents outside your home with a small pipe. NO big talk and no chimney require. Tankless systems have an electric element that heats the water. As a result of working with our plumbing team in Indianapolis, you get that constant supply of hot water. There’s no storage tank to fill and heat (and run out).

If you think it’s a good idea for your home, here’s what to consider:

  • Fuel type: electric or gas-fired.
  • Location, size and demand: think about where it’s being installed and how much hot water you’ll need to decide the type of unit.
  • Application: Showers, sinks, bathrooms, laundry and so on.

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