Indianapolis furnace company explains furnace efficiency: What’s it all about?

Indianapolis furnace companyIf you’re shopping for an Indianapolis furnace company to help you with a new furnace this winter, you’re probably reading about high-efficiency furnaces. Today furnaces are rated by AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency). Units on the market range from 80 to 90 to 98 percent efficiency. So how do you know what works for your house?

The efficiency you choose depends on your budget and long-term benefits. If you buy a 98% efficient Carrier gas furnace, for example, you will get 98 cents worth of heat for every dollar of natural gas you buy and only lose 2 cents out the exhaust pipe. Compared to an old furnace, which may only deliver 60 cents for every dollar of fuel, a new high-efficiency furnace translates to big time energy savings over the long-term.

Which one to install in your home? We recommend the most efficient furnace unit a customer can afford. It pays for itself in less than 5 years. Why?

  • They help you save cash. High efficiency models are equipped with multi-stage gas valves that only use measured amounts of natural gas, according to the outside temperature and thermostat setting.
  • They create overall comfort. These models also come with variable speed motors that use 30 percent less electricity, provide household temperature balance, are quieter and dehumidify better in the summer months.

If the initial cash outlay seems daunting for your household budget, considering financing the installation for five years at 9.9% interest and let the savings in fuel pay the installation.