Howald HVAC & Plumbing: What you said and what we’re doing

The Howald HVAC team asked and customers answered. Thank you to everyone who took time to complete the customer survey we sent in September. We continue to review the information in detail and are working to make improvements.

Here’s what we heard.

  • 95% of respondents say they would recommend us to family, friends and the community.
  • You said our team is professional, excellent, efficient, friendly, courteous and knowledgeable. Great words!

Improvements underway.
Comments told us where we need to improve. We’re addressing the following areas.

Personal Protective Equipment (those masks, shoe covers and so on)
We’re committed to using PPE for as long as it takes for normal to return. Thank you for feedback and ideas in this area. We understand everyone’s comfort level varies right now when it comes to having people come into your home. Please let us know your comfort level and ask questions before a tech or plumber arrives. Once a Howald professional is at your house, don’t hesitate to request protocol that keeps you feeling safe and comfortable.

Reducing return visits (In our business these are dubbed call backs.)
We strive to do a job right the first time. We’ve hired a new team member Matt Holton who is focused on technical support to ensure the highest level of customer service. He has nearly 20 years of experience in this business and is one of the best. Once he determines the root cause of the return visit, he’ll train our techs to share why the problem happened and how to manage it in the future.

Howald HVAC

This year has been unlike any other. Our team appreciates your patience, trust and continued business.

Larry and the entire Howald team