HVAC tune up: What’s it really all about?

HVAC tune upMany furnace manufacturers require regular maintenance of HVAC systems as part of their parts and/or labor warranty. Some homeowners think if the system is working ok, they’re good to go for the next season. It is important to have your system inspected every six months (once for the furnace and once for the AC). Our technicians have a detailed check list used during the inspection process. It includes:

  • Cleaning various parts of the furnace (coils and drains).
  • Monitoring the systems operational features.
  • Cleaning or replacing filters maximizing efficiency.
  • Measuring the systems amps/volts.
  • And testing safety controls.

The benefits to having the system reviewed every six months can include lower utility bills, fewer repairs, less emergencies when heating/cooling goes out suddenly and protecting your warranty if you ever need to put it into effect.