Word of Mouth marketing is the best marketing for this Indianapolis HVAC business

I’ve been in the HVAC business since the 1970s as owner and operator of Broad Ripple Heating and Air. Back then, print and broadcasting advertising was THE marketing game. We had a great time doing crazy commercials, sharing duck bucks in print and more. We still do!

Decades later, marketing options seem  endless—radio, TV, print, Yellow Pages, websites, emails, blogs, social media, events, flyers—the list goes on and on (with new inventions every month). Our customers are doing more on their computers and phones that are mini-computers. Communications is over the top!  

But there’s nothing like good ol’ word of mouth referrals to grow the business. Doing the best job we can, honesty and ethically, gets customers talking.  There’s nothing like a referral customer from a happy Howald client.

Yet we know the heat is on! Not only do we have to please the new customer, but the referral source that passed along our name. Screw it up, and our favorite name dropper will be lost forever. Our techs are up to the challenge though. I promise.

Word of mouth is it! When a first time customer call is generated by a happy neighbor, relative or fellow worker it is off the charts glee for us. Why? Word of mouth has credibility. Who do you trust more: Uncle Bob or some guy on the radio hoping you will remember his phone number when you hear the commercial while driving through Indianapolis? That’s not to say you won’t hear our commercials or see us on Facebook. It just means we know the trust level is higher with a referral than a cold-first-time call.

We also say thanks to our referral customers because they’ll do it again. They’ll give another referral. Something as simple as a card in the mail with a big handwritten, “Thanks for the referral,” goes a long way. It comes as a surprise. Think flowers, gas cards, restaurant gift certificates, Starbucks. You just re-energized your word-of-mouth machine.

So if you’re a Howald customer already and happy—pass along our name. We promise we’ll do you proud! If you’re not a customer–call us. Consider this your referral.

Owner Howald Heating, Air Conditioning and Plumbing