HVAC 201: Your new furnace checklist

Buying a new furnace is not an everyday purchase nor is it as simple as running out to the hardware store to buy one. If a homeowner keeps their furnace system maintained a new installation should happen only every 15 to 20 years. So when the time comes for a new furnace, here’s a check list of questions to ask before scheduling the installation.

  • What are the installing contractor’s credentials? What is the installers experience, how many furnaces have they installed? Ask for company references, too. Find out if the company is a member of Angie’s List or members of the Better Business Bureau. In either instance, get customer reviews and/or referrals.
  • Who is the manufacturer the installer represents? Companies throughout Indianapolis represent different furnace system brands. Every company does not have access to every brand. Make sure the company hired to provide and install your new furnace system represents the brand that you want installed.
  • How does the installer determine the best system to recommend for your house? There are a variety of factors when making a final decision on a household furnace: total household square feet, how many floors and how many rooms. Is your home set up for gas or electric? What’s your budget? A professional installer should be able to work with you to provide an analysis and recommendations. Ask their process to help make recommendations.
  • What is the furnace system’s efficiency level? New furnaces come in a wide range of efficiency levels—from 80% to 98%. The more efficient the higher the price tag, but the long-run energy savings can add up fast in your household budget. For example, a top of the line Carrier Infinity system that’s 98% efficient can provide an annual savings of $308. Ask for details on efficiency and annual savings while making a final decision.
  • Do you need accessories as part of the new furnace installation? Be sure the furnace you select complements your current thermostat, humidifier and other systems. If it does not, ask for a quote on these products before the installation begins.
  • What’s the warranty? Different furnace systems and brands have different warranties. Make sure you know how long the warranty is and what it covers.