Plumbing 101: Pick a sump pump

If you have a finished basement or store valuables in your lower level, think about a sump pump with a battery backup. If you lose power, you’ll have peace of mind that yoursump pump basement will not flood because the battery backup will kick in.

So how do you choose a sump pump? First there are two types: pedestal and submersible pumps. Each has six components:

  • Groundwater collection systems
  • Sump basin
  • Primary sump pump
  • Discharge pipe/host
  • Check valve
  • Backup sump pump system

There are many factors to consider when making this purchase including life of the system, type of material, capacity and more. While some folks feel ok making this a DIY job, contacting a qualified plumber, such as Howald’s on-staff professional, will add to that peace of mind.