Be cool tips: AC tune ups, equipment, ideas

There’ve been a lot of cool dudes through the decades… Cool Hand Luke (great movie from the 60s), Joe Cool (that’s Snoopy for the younger generation) and Rapper LL Cool J (that one is for my kids). Point is, being cool is being laid-back, relaxed and stress-free. It’s what we all want this summer after a long, hard year. I always say start with an AC tune up. Read on for more.

Here are my Be Cool tips.

  • Have your AC unit checked out before the heat of summer hits like a roaring bonfire on a cold night. Get an AC tune up. It can save you lots of dollars and a huge headache.
  • Check out programs like Comfort Fit. We remind you to make a tune up appointment and send twice a year one of our really cool, smart, professional techs to your place to make sure everything is running smoothly with your HVAC system.
  • Get a programmable thermostat. Nothing is cooler than being able to control your coolness from an app on your phone or just pre-program it and forget about it.
  • Be sure your thermostat batteries are juiced up. If and when those batteries die, it’ll shut down your AC. Sometimes the fix is just that easy–give your thermostat a fresh set of batteries.
  • And when the Indiana humidity hits, try a dehumidifier. It helps to control mold and mildew—and those two things just aren’t cool. They’re kind of the complete opposite.

Remember if your AC goes on the fritz, give our team a call pronto. We’ll be there like Johnny on the spot (he’s a cool dude too).

Thanks for your continued trust in our team. Your business is always appreciated.