Yep we also do the bathroom sink repair

People think of “plumbing” and immediately “emergency” comes to mind. I promise, we do more than just water heaters that have abruptly stopped working! (Although we really like doing those!) In fact among the most common calls are bathroom sink repairs.

Here’s a bathroom sink project we just completed. This was a fun project. The initial visit was due to a leaky pipe in a difficult spot that was in between a tile  and a plaster wall. After talking to the customer, we proposed a few options. The first being, cut a hole in the plaster and repair what is in the wall. The second option was to go a completely different direction.

The sink (see below left) was original to the home, along with the plumbing (and over 70 years old). Almost all the parts on the bathroom sink were corroded and wearing out. Also wall mount/pedestal sinks are tough to repair and end up costing more money. To fix them we usually have to pull the sink off the wall to replace parts (see below). After discussing the options with the customer, we recommended replacing the sink with a vanity. That way, we’d get rid of all the potential problems, get more storage-space in the bathroom, and make parts way more accessible for future-repairs when needed.

We made the lines in the wall obsolete, ran new water lines and a drain through the floor, and reconnected them both in the basement. The lines in the wall were galvanized steel. The drain was the same material, and almost completely clogged. Removing both those items from the equation resulted in great water pressure to the faucet, and a drain that pulled down water quicker then the homeowner had ever seen it drain in his years owning the home. Not to mention, the vanity (see below) just looks nice and provides storage. It takes up the same amount of space, if not less. Now if the homeowner needs a future fix, we just open the door to get to the lines.
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