Ready for winter’s round 2?

Welcome to winter in Indianapolis. Yep, we sure were spoiled with 50+ degree temps through early January. Now as we’re all hunkered down indoors, it’s important to be ready for those cold temps and potential impact to our homes.

Austin on our Howald plumbing team recently posted this on his social media feed. We think it’s great information for all of our Howald customers as we’re looking at forecasts with temps in the single and negative digits.

Normally, I like to post extravagant jobs that make me look all smart’n’such… but I also like to post jobs that are important information. Regardless of the season: Do you know where your main water shut off is in your house?

Temps are going to drop this weekend. What are you going to do if a pipe bursts and you don’t know how to shut off your water? That’s a lot of time waiting on a plumber to get to your house. Water can cause a viscous mess, but if you can shut off your main as soon as possible after the burst, it can save you A LOT of money by just moving a valve handle.

See the valve above? This elderly homeowner knew where it is located. Problem is it was in the corner of his crawlspace, which isn’t very logical for anyone of any age. So I ran a loop off of his main supply, and into a little closet by his front door. Boom! Easy access for emergencies and to shut off his water if he goes out of town. Preventative measures can save you a lot of money and headaches in the long run. So, if you’re concerned that the freezing weather will do harm to your home, call us. We’ll give you advice and more importantly, peace of mind!