Shocked at home? Maybe you need a humidifer

Baby it’s gonna be getting cold outside. Now is the time of year when temps turn cooler and static electricity starts. It’s probably fun for the kids to “shock” each other, but for us adults it means something is not quite right with our indoor air quality. Maybe you’re waking up in the morning with a dry throat and nose. That means it could be time for a humidifier.

I know… I know this sounds like a sales pitch. But here’s the reality, even doctors advise humidifiers for home owners. The Mayo Clinic website says humidifiers can ease respiratory problems, including cold symptoms (and I won’t say that other C word). It’s actually low humidity in your house that causes dry everything… skin, lips, and noses. High humidity creates the opposite problem. Stuffy noses and condensation on the walls.

A properly set humidifier creates the right indoor air quality for a comfortable great indoors when winter hits central Indiana. We partner with Honeywell and I’d encourage you to check out their website to learn more. And  here’s that information from the Mayo Clinic.