HVAC Indianapolis–Our guys work to create the relationship

Ok. Time to be honest. I’m a relationship guy.

Anyone who knows me knows that’s no mystery in my HVAC Indianapolis business. I love it when customers callHVAC Indianapolis me up and ask for Larry. Yep that’s me. I love feeling connected to my customers. I love knowing who you are and what you want.

And here’s more truth—so does my HVAC team. I walked into a meeting room and our worldwide headquarters in Broad Ripple (ok, we only have one location, but this makes us sound super awesome!), and the team was talking about what the customer really wants when we arrive at their homes throughout Indianapolis. Now this was the conversation I was looking to listen to that day!

Here’s the list from our team…

  • Clean cut—both the person driving and their truck. They said the first impression is important from the time they pull into the customer’s driveway to the time they greet the homeowner to the final thank you for your business.
  • Firm handshake—Yes… another guy said gotta have that firm handshake so the customer knows you’re a true business person. Great!
  • Expert—Someone who knows his craft frontwards and backwards. He can answer the homeowner’s questions, no matter what’s dished out. When the job is done, he stays with the repair to ensure its done right.
  • People person—One of my guys says if you’re a service tech in any field you have to be a “people person.” You have to get along with anyone at any time. Another guy agreed saying the homeowner has to like you on some level to ensure trust. If you cannot be friendly to the customer then perhaps this is the wrong business!

I loved sitting in the middle of this conversation. Our plumbers and HVAC techs work hard and understand it’s about the customer. Now tell me what you expect from our team. Give us a try and discover why Coming Home Never Felt So Good!