Let’s hear it for Indy Plumbers!

Indy PlumbersI write a lot on this blog about our HVAC services and give tips about heating and air conditioning. Today I’m recognizing our Indy plumbers. They are the best. They are “mighty men!”

I mean, they are really tough! To be a plumber, it means school five nights a week for five years. That sounds more like a sentence than an education. All our plumbers successfully graduated and are as licensed journeymen ready to tackle any and all plumbing issues.

I’m amazed every time I’m around them or meet them on a job that dictates the need of a plumber. First–they’re cool guys. Their work doesn’t always involve nice clean water from the kitchen sink…sometimes they have to deal with the “not so clean” water. ICK! I say that. They never do. They are professional in all situations.

During our negative 15 degree winter weeks (who could forget those days!), who do you think went out in the midst of it all repairing burst water lines and restoring our homes to normal once again? Plumbers!

So the next time you see one of our trucks, give Indy plumbers a wave of respect, knowing they have complete control over me and my family’s happiness.