Shocked at home? Maybe you need a humidifer

Howald Humidifier

Baby it’s cold outside. This is the time of year when cold temps turn to static electricity inside if a humidifier isn’t working correctly. It’s probably fun for the kids to “shock” each other, but for us adults, it means something is not quite right with our indoor air quality. Maybe you’re waking up in…

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New Furnace Buying Tips From Larry Howald

Larry Howald

OK. It’s really cold out in Indianapolis! We know there’s nothing worse than hearing it’s time for a new furnace. It can be a hit to the wallet. Here are some ideas to help your household make a good buying decision at a reasonable cost when the time comes. 1. Cost for repairs vs. new:…

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Giving back with furnace installations

furance installation

We just completed a furnace installation, which was the last system we donated during our grand opening. If you missed the promotions and event, here’s the recap and check out the photos on our Facebook page. The picture with this blog is just one of the many that Howald Heating and Air Conditioning will always…

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