New air conditioner? Be cool

New AC

How ever you want to look at it, buying an air conditioner is a tough job. Homeowners often know what they want … it’s simple, they say, “I want to be cool when it’s hot.” If their AC is broken down, they do not want to wait until tomorrow morning. I hear you, “Me want…

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Buying a new air conditioner tips

AHHHH… tax day 2014. Who wants to even think about spending money if you have to pay Uncle Sam. On the other hand, maybe your getting a nice refund. Either way–if you need a new air conditioner this season, spend wisely by researching and understanding the purchase. Don’t let an AC salesman talk you into…

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Buying a new AC, Bigger is not better

  By Larry Howald Spring has finally arrived after a long, bitter winter. If your household is in need of a new air conditioner remember bigger is not better. I always prepare myself and my techs for typical consumer questions and comments when this investment is being researched by a home owner. A common request…

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