I just mentioned tankless…

I went out to see a customer last month, they’re some fine folks. They needed to have their tank water heater replaced. The water heater was quoted on the phone, so I didn’t get to see the job until I arrived. I met the husband, went downstairs to inspect the work and started draining the tank.

I mentioned in passing that their set-up would perfect for a tankless water heater, not thinking much of the words coming out of my mouth. Then he then started telling me that he wanted one years ago, but the plumber he had out said that it couldn’t be done. I’m always up for a challenge.

We inspected some things, and I saw no issue with putting one in. He asked if I could quote one. I did. The customer ended up sending me and my tank water heater away so he could get his tankless appointment set up.

We were able to get really creative with this one, and painted our backing-board and a few other parts. We think it turned out really well. See the before and after photos with the old water heater X’ed out and the arrow showing where the new tankless water heater is installed. The husband happened to be exceptionally mechanical and mentioned how much he appreciates neat work. He ended being thrilled with the result and so were we.

Cheers to another happy customer and job well-done!