Furnace tune up time

Fall is in the air! We love this time of year. What to know why? We get to…Furnace Tune Up

1) See you, our customers!
2) Clean and adjust your burner assembly.
3) Check your igniter assembly
4) Check out the heat exchange.
5) Test safety controls.
6) Clean/check the air filter.
7) Monitor the heat cycle.
8) Clean condensate drains.
9) Test start capabilities.
10) Ensure to you say: Coming Home Never Felt So Good!

Remember a tune up costs just over $100 (without Comfort Fit). If something goes wrong with your furnace this fall or winter, it often costs much more.

Schedule a tune up now. And consider signing up for our Comfort Fit program—we contact you at tune up time, so you don’t have to remember one more thing.

See you soon,

Furnace tune upLarry Howald