Indianapolis plumbing… Get endless hot water

Indianapolis plumbing

A hot shower can last forever with Indianapolis plumbing. That’s right, as long as you want to stand there, we can produce an unlimited supply of hot water. (Disclaimer here: We’re not responsible for wrinkled, pruned skin.). This amazing trick is done with a tankless water heater that mounts onto the wall and vents outside…

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Indianapolis plumbers stumped: Howald’s fix

Indianapolis plumbers

That’s grease clogging this 3” pipe. The customers had several Indianapolis plumbers out from three separate companies over the last year to try to address the symptoms related to this issue. A plumber well-versed in their trade knows about the drainage fixture unit chart or DFU chart. It’s used to size drainage piping accordingly to…

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Yep we also do the bathroom sink repair

Bathroom sink repair

People think of “plumbing” and immediately “emergency” comes to mind. I promise, we do more than just water heaters that have abruptly stopped working! (Although we really like doing those!) In fact among the most common calls are bathroom sink repairs. Here’s a bathroom sink project we just completed. This was a fun project. The…

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Let’s hear it for Indy Plumbers!

Indy Plumbers

I write a lot on this blog about our HVAC services and give tips about heating and air conditioning. Today I’m recognizing our Indy plumbers. They are the best. They are “mighty men!” I mean, they are really tough! To be a plumber, it means school five nights a week for five years. That sounds…

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