Be cool tips: AC tune ups, equipment, ideas

AC Tips

There’ve been a lot of cool dudes through the decades… Cool Hand Luke (great movie from the 60s), Joe Cool (that’s Snoopy for the younger generation) and Rapper LL Cool J (that one is for my kids). Point is, being cool is being laid-back, relaxed and stress-free. It’s what we all want this summer after…

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Easy AC fixes

Howald Heating, Air Conditioning and Plumbing

It’s finally here—S-U-M-M-E-R! While it’s been pleasant and cooler than normal, homeowners are flipping the AC switch to stay cool on those warmer days and control indoor air quality. But what happens when you hit O-N and N-O-T-H-I-N-G happens? Don’t panic! Here are a few things to check first. If these don’t work, then panic…

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New air conditioner? Be cool

New AC

How ever you want to look at it, buying an air conditioner is a tough job. Homeowners often know what they want … it’s simple, they say, “I want to be cool when it’s hot.” If their AC is broken down, they do not want to wait until tomorrow morning. I hear you, “Me want…

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Earn credit for HVAC service. Refer someone you know.

HVAC Service

Our customers are our heart and soul. Without you, there would be no Howald Heating, Air Conditioning and Plumbing. Thank you for your support and feedback. It makes us better at what we do–serving you. Business owners know and understand new customers are important. That’s why we’re inviting our current customers to refer someone you…

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Buying a new air conditioner tips

new air conditioner

So I’m writing this on tax day. Who wants to even think about spending money if you have to pay Uncle Sam?! On the other hand, maybe you’re getting a nice refund. Either way–if you need a new air conditioner this season, spend wisely by researching and understanding the purchase. Don’t let an AC salesman…

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Need an HVAC repair Indianapolis? Check out these comments.

It’s cold and we’re busy with HVAC repairs and maintenance in Indianapolis. We like that! And we love some of the recent comments we’ve gotten via Angie’s List from our loyal HVAC Indianapolis customers. Keep ‘em coming! This Indianapolis homeowner lives in a 1906 built house. We made a visit in September for a second…

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Buying a new AC, Bigger is not better

new ac

By Larry Howald Spring has finally arrived after a long, bitter winter. If your household is in need of a new air conditioner, remember bigger is not better. I always prepare myself and my techs for typical consumer questions and comments when this investment is being researched by a homeowner. A common request is to…

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