Be cool tips: AC tune ups, equipment, ideas

AC Tips

There’ve been a lot of cool dudes through the decades… Cool Hand Luke (great movie from the 60s), Joe Cool (that’s Snoopy for the younger generation) and Rapper LL Cool J (that one is for my kids). Point is, being cool is being laid-back, relaxed and stress-free. It’s what we all want this summer after…

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Howald HVAC & Plumbing: What you said and what we’re doing

Howald HVAC

The Howald HVAC team asked and customers answered. Thank you to everyone who took time to complete the customer survey we sent in September. We continue to review the information in detail and are working to make improvements. Here’s what we heard. 95% of respondents say they would recommend us to family, friends and the…

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Buying a new air conditioner tips

new air conditioner

So I’m writing this on tax day. Who wants to even think about spending money if you have to pay Uncle Sam?! On the other hand, maybe you’re getting a nice refund. Either way–if you need a new air conditioner this season, spend wisely by researching and understanding the purchase. Don’t let an AC salesman…

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