Flush this, not that

Howald Plumbing

True story. Last week, our plumber Austin made a house call to my own daughter’s home. The toilet was clogged. And we all needed someone to blame, so we naturally assumed my own grandson (as cute as he is) tried what all kids do—send a toy down the sewer system. See the photo to the…

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Shocked at home? Maybe you need a humidifer

Howald Humidifier

Baby it’s cold outside. This is the time of year when cold temps turn to static electricity inside if a humidifier isn’t working correctly. It’s probably fun for the kids to “shock” each other, but for us adults, it means something is not quite right with our indoor air quality. Maybe you’re waking up in…

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Don’t get left in the cold: Larry’s furnace tips

Furnace Tips

I love cold weather. I mean really cold… think hot-chocolate-sipping, slipper-wearing, fireplace-roaring cold. And while it’s wintry this week. It looks like next week (Feb. 8) it’s gonna get really sub-zero chilly. You don’t want the furnace going out in this kind of weather. Here are a few easy furnace tips to be sure your…

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Furnace tune up time

Furnace Tune up

Fall is in the air! We love this time of year. What to know why? We get to… 1) See you, our customers! 2) Clean and adjust your burner assembly. 3) Check your igniter assembly 4) Check out the heat exchange. 5) Test safety controls. 6) Clean/check the air filter. 7) Monitor the heat cycle.…

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Are you ready for the big melt? A sump pump checklist

Sump Pump In Basement

If you find yourself with a sump pump emergency in the next few days, we’re here 24-7 to serve you. Call 317-255-4328. We survived the snow last week. Hope you did, too! Now let’s prep for the BIG MELT. Temps are rising this week. Is your sump pump ready? Use this checklist. Frozen lines: be…

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How to improve indoor air quality

How to improve indoor air quality

We’re feeling lucky this winter. Mother Nature has delivered a mild one. Still most of us are staying home, keeping our distance and burrowed in right now. If you’re curious how to improve indoor air quality, read on. Our team is committed to keeping health and safety a top priority. We want to be sure…

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Indianapolis HVAC customers: Maximize your heating bill

HVAC Indianapolis

A typical household in the United States spends more than $2,000 a year on utility bills according to the federal government’s ENERGY STAR® program. That’s more than $167 a month. Indianapolis HVAC customers have been lucky this year—so far. We’ve had great weather. We all know Mother Nature (who looks really nice here) probably won’t…

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Howald HVAC & Plumbing: What you said and what we’re doing

Howald HVAC

The Howald HVAC team asked and customers answered. Thank you to everyone who took time to complete the customer survey we sent in September. We continue to review the information in detail and are working to make improvements. Here’s what we heard. 95% of respondents say they would recommend us to family, friends and the…

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New Furnace Buying Tips From Larry Howald

Larry Howald

OK. It’s really cold out in Indianapolis! We know there’s nothing worse than hearing it’s time for a new furnace. It can be a hit to the wallet. Here are some ideas to help your household make a good buying decision at a reasonable cost when the time comes. 1. Cost for repairs vs. new:…

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Indianapolis plumbers stumped: Howald’s fix

Indianapolis plumbers

That’s grease clogging this 3” pipe. The customers had several Indianapolis plumbers out from three separate companies over the last year to try to address the symptoms related to this issue. A plumber well-versed in their trade knows about the drainage fixture unit chart or DFU chart. It’s used to size drainage piping accordingly to…

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