Don’t get left in the cold: Larry’s furnace tips

Furnace Tips

I love cold weather. I mean really cold… think hot-chocolate-sipping, slipper-wearing, fireplace-roaring cold. And while it’s wintry this week. It looks like next week (Feb. 8) it’s gonna get really sub-zero chilly. You don’t want the furnace going out in this kind of weather. Here are a few easy furnace tips to be sure your…

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New Furnace Buying Tips From Larry Howald

Larry Howald

OK. It’s really cold out in Indianapolis! We know there’s nothing worse than hearing it’s time for a new furnace. It can be a hit to the wallet. Here are some ideas to help your household make a good buying decision at a reasonable cost when the time comes. 1. Cost for repairs vs. new:…

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Earn credit for HVAC service. Refer someone you know.

Our customers are our heart and soul. Without you, there would be no Howald Heating, Air Conditioning and Plumbing. Thank you for your support and feedback. It makes us better at what we do–serving you. Business owners know and understand new customers are important. That’s why we’re inviting our current customers to refer someone you…

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Furnace & gas line safety tips

Like you, we’re following the tragic story of the home explosion in an Indianapolis’ southside neighborhood. There’s speculation there was a gas leak in a home. Regardless of the final cause of the explosion, this tragic event is a reminder to all of us about the dangers and precautions of our gas HVAC systems. A…

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Furnace filters… there is a difference

Walk into any hardware store or HVAC shop in Indianapolis and ask for a furnace filter. You’ll quickly learn there are many options with labels touting different benefits. So what’s the difference in filters all about? And there is a difference… read on. There’s the good old 1-inch cardboard frame. These are the ones you…

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