Reading an HVAC Equipment Quote 101

When it comes to upgrading your HVAC system, getting a HVAC equipment quote is a crucial step to making a decision. How much will it cost? What am I buying? Are there any perks? Remember, not all HVAC equipment quotes are created equal. Companies quote furnaces and ACs differently, but it all comes down to…

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Indianapolis plumbing… Get endless hot water

Indianapolis plumbing

A hot shower can last forever with Indianapolis plumbing. That’s right, as long as you want to stand there, we can produce an unlimited supply of hot water. (Disclaimer here: We’re not responsible for wrinkled, pruned skin.). This amazing trick is done with a tankless water heater that mounts onto the wall and vents outside…

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Flush this, not that

Howald Plumbing

True story. Last week, our plumber Austin made a house call to my own daughter’s home. The toilet was clogged. And we all needed someone to blame, so we naturally assumed my own grandson (as cute as he is) tried what all kids do—send a toy down the sewer system. See the photo to the…

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Yep we also do the bathroom sink repair

Bathroom sink repair

People think of “plumbing” and immediately “emergency” comes to mind. I promise, we do more than just water heaters that have abruptly stopped working! (Although we really like doing those!) In fact among the most common calls are bathroom sink repairs. Here’s a bathroom sink project we just completed. This was a fun project. The…

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Earn credit for HVAC service. Refer someone you know.

HVAC Service

Our customers are our heart and soul. Without you, there would be no Howald Heating, Air Conditioning and Plumbing. Thank you for your support and feedback. It makes us better at what we do–serving you. Business owners know and understand new customers are important. That’s why we’re inviting our current customers to refer someone you…

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Let’s hear it for Indy Plumbers!

Indy Plumbers

I write a lot on this blog about our HVAC services and give tips about heating and air conditioning. Today I’m recognizing our Indy plumbers. They are the best. They are “mighty men!” I mean, they are really tough! To be a plumber, it means school five nights a week for five years. That sounds…

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Plumbing 101: Pick a sump pump

sump pump

If you have a finished basement or store valuables in your lower level, think about a sump pump with a battery backup. If you lose power, you’ll have peace of mind that your basement will not flood because the battery backup will kick in. So how do you choose a sump pump? First there are…

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